How do i Become An Eagle?

You are already an Eagle! In order to maintain your membership, don’t opt out!

Why Do I Need to Be An Eagle ?

The Ontario government announced a new policy directive called the “Student Choice Initiative” (SCI), in January 2019. The provincial policy increases students agency by providing an opt-out option for certain ancillary fees, fees charged by universities to support clubs, student societies, and programs that fall outside of the provincial framework for compulsory fees. However, while the policy helps students cut cost, this new opt-out option for students is a threat to unions, student-run organizations and ultimately the university experience.

The SCI significantly reduces UTMAC’s ability to provide and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for students with crucial services and events. Even if you do not use all our resources or attend UTMAC events, by opting out of the UTMAC you will hinder both your fellow athletic and non-athletic students who rely on the Athletic Council, events which promote healthy living for the mind and body, in order to maintain a well-rounded lifestyle in post-secondary education.

We have strength in numbers but we need your help to continue the fight for an accessible and affordable post-secondary education.

Maintain your UTMAC membership this Fall Semester, Be an Eagle!

How long is the opt-out period?

July 15 - September 19th, 2019

Am I allowed to opt back in after the opt-out period ends?

You will have the opportunity to opt-back in before the Winter semester begins. (January 2020).

What can I access as a member?

As a member, you have access to important services and initiatives such as…