Frequently Asked Questions

What is UTMAC ?

The University of Toronto Mississauga Athletic Council (UTMAC) is the governing body which oversees health, recreational and athletic affairs on the UTM campus. 

How Do i become part of utmac?

Students can nominate themselves in the Annual UTMAC Elections where 7 Executives are elected into the council by members of the UTM community.

How long do Executives serve on UTMAC?

Executives appointed by the UTM community elected for a year long term. Members may wish to re-campaign if they are still eligible.

Are there Other Ways to Become Involved with UTMAC.

Yes. We hire associates and also provide volunteer opportunities.

What qualifications are required to become a member of UTMAC?

According to the Constitution, the Council shall consist only of students registered as part-time or full-time Undergraduate students at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.